Every person is as individual as their fingerprint. That is why Frames & Cotton has taken it upon itself to appeal to the uniqueness of the individual. There are three paths to perfectly fitting glasses to choose from.


The Premium Collection contains glasses models on the same level of made-to-measure pairs. Every pair is made to order from premium materials and in the highest processing quality. All models can be combined with any colour and any surface. The perfect solution when our sizes fit you well.


The custom glasses build on the Premium Collection. There are also a number of options to choose from. You can freely select the model, colour, bridge, glass diameter, and side length. The glasses are then made with Simple Measuring And Reproducing Treatment, or S.M.A.R.T. for short. These unique creations can, of course, be further customised with a personal engraving in the side. The right glasses for everyone who values the perfect fit and wants to realise their exact visions.


Custom production is, to a certain extent, complete individualisation. You are given all of the opportunities that made-to-measure products offer. It is also possible to determine the shape yourself. Furthermore the form and shape of the glasses (5) can vary depending on your vision. The relevant sizes are determined with custom tools. We then transfer the data into our S.M.A.R.T. system and create a unique product for you. The data can be archived for later orders. This custom option lets us achieve optimal customisation, the perfect fit, and thus the best comfort. The right choice for everyone who knows that every face has very many unique characteristics, and is thus unique. This includes glasses wearers looking for the perfect fit and who want to indulge in a little more comfort as well.


Every glasses model is freely compatible with all acetate colours on offer. There are also three different surfaces to choose from: shiny, glossy, and satinised.


The raw material for cellulose acetate are cotton fibres used to make cellulose. The cellulose is processed into acetate plates during sophisticated processing steps.


With the specially developed S.M.A.R.T. production process, both small series and individual products can be made. This makes up the interface between craftsmanship and manufacturing.


Manufacturing is mainly about innovation. The product is not adjusted to suit modern technology, but rather only the technology that improves the product is used.



Jedes Brillenmodell ist frei kombinierbar mit allen im Angebot befindlichen Acetatfarben. Zusätzlich kann noch aus drei verschiedenen Oberflächen gewählt werden – glänzend, matt und satiniert.


Rohstoff für das Celluloseacetat sind Baumwollfasern, aus denen Zellstoff hergestellt wird. Der Zellstoff wird in aufwändigen Bearbeitungsschritten zu Acetatplatten verarbeitet.


Mit dem speziell entwickelten S.M.A.R.T Produktionsprozess können sowohl Kleinserien als auch Einzelanfertigungen hergestellt werden. Hier ist die Schnittstelle zwischen Kunsthandwerk und Manufaktur.


Manufaktur  bedeutet vor allem Innovation. Das Produkt wird nicht der moderneren Technik angepasst, sondern es kommt nur Technik zum Einsatz, die das Produkt weiter verbessert.