Nowadays, when shopping streets are mainly populated by international chain stores, Frames & Cotton is a labour of love, with (1) small series and custom products that appeal to the individual wishes of the wearer.


Craftsmanship and Manufacturing
Made in Germany

Every person is as individual as their fingerprint. Frames & Cotton has taken it upon itself to appeal to the uniqueness of the individual. Style and taste are not the only things that matter to us, but also a comfortable fit for your glasses. That is why we offer customised glasses from our production facility.

Our manufacturing stands for small series with a unique range of goods, and our craftsmanship for a high degree of individuality, coupled with the highest quality standard. Frames & Cotton in turn stands for this claim and the associated values.


From tailoring to custom production

In order to implement our philosophy, Frames & Cotton developed the S.M.A.R.T.* production process at their own manufacturing facility and thus made it possible to offer tailor-made custom products in a short time and at an attractive price.

With this process, small series and single productions can be manufactured. This makes up the interface between craftsmanship and manufacturing. All glasses undergo 42 manufacturing steps. Every step is performed by our employees with the highest quality standard. It is craftsmanship Made in Germany.

We manufacture our glasses at our own production facility in the Palatinate, a region known for its rich cobbling tradition. A sense of quality is deeply rooted here. For Frames & Cotton, manufacturing is mainly about innovation without giving up education, artisanal tradition, and production. The product is not adjusted to suit modern technology, but rather only the technology that improves the product is used. It’s never about making something more cheaply, but always about making the best product of its class.

* Simple Messuring And Reproducing Treatment

Gerhard Bernhard

For 14 years he has been constructing glasses in his own facility in Waldfischbach in the Palatinate region. His drive toward perfection and further development of the products and processing has resulted in a client list including international brands. With the development for S.M.A.R.T. production technology and a sense of glasses models with a good fit, developing his own collection was an obvious step (5). With its perfected production, Frames & Cotton can offer customised glasses at an attractive cost-benefit ratio.

The glasses buildermanually,http://
Matthias Busche

15 years of glasses sales and product management experience have taught him that sales does not mean convincing another person, but winning someone over. The engineer’s credo is helping design the products he sells and helping customers meet their needs. To this end he focuses on what makes the product concept special. For him, Frames & Cotton’s great strength lies in the harmonious interplay between design and customisability.

The glasses salesman
Jens Diller

As a marketing and communication specialist with 25 years of professional experience, he was immediately excited by the idea of a customised collection for the glasses industry. Standing at 2.02 m, he learned long ago to appreciate the idea of custom attire. Making it more possible for the bespectacled to obtain custom glasses from Frames & Cotton is a passion project for him.

The communicator

Premium collection

Find out more about the collection of spectacles that are made to measure. 

Custom production

Frames & Cotton offers the customer the possibility to create his own individual form with the custom-made product.